Proud to be The First Saudi Company

Specialized in Providing Cybersecurity Solutions

and we have worked with our clients to improve their level of Cybersecurity and increase the efficiency in the work environment of our clients in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Who we are

SAUDI PARAMOUNT COMPUTER SYSTEMS CO. was established in 2001 to contribute in strengthening, combating digital threats and attacks surrounding government and private enterprises by providing specialized services and products with global standards.

Our professional team and accumulated experience have played a major role in our success and distinction over the years, and we are always looking forward to more active contributions to the Saudi Vision 2030 in support of digital transformation.


Vision To be a Market Leader in Providing High Quality Cybersecurity Solutions.
Mission To Secure The Work Environments From Cyber Attacks and Threats.
Value Valuable Solutions in All Areas of Cybersecurity.

Our Services

Our broad range of services equip you to build, implement and maintain an ongoing cybersecurity programs that is appropriate for your organisation.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

An authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system or network. we are able to evaluate the computer or network's security levels based on the defined objective of the test.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

The process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.

Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment

A comprehensive analysis of your network security against known and suspected security threats.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

A systematic process to determine and identify the potential risks from vulnerabilities and threats and determining the extent of thier impact.

ISO Certificates

ISO Certificates

We support our Clients in obtaining international standard certification by offering the preparation, consultation and certifications. We have team of experienced and skilled professional to deliver technical excellence in variety sectors.

Cybersecurity Architecture Design & Review

Cybersecurity Architecture Design & Review

A non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in your environment

Security Awareness Campaign & Program

Security Awareness Campaign & Program

aimed at truly anchoring information security awareness in the company's culture

Incident Response

Incident Response

identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence of an incident

Our Solutions

Our broad range of solutions equip you to build, implement and maintain an ongoing cybersecurity programs that is appropriate for your organisation.

  • Trend Micro Sophos Broadcom Kaspersky Crowdstrike ESET

  • Trend Micro Fortinet Fidelis Trellix

  • Trend Micro Sophos Fortinet Forcepoint Barracuda

  • Trend Micro Sophos Broadcom ESET

  • Broadcom Forcepoint Barracuda Trellix

  • Forcepoint Broadcom ESET

  • Trend Micro Broadcom

  • Vectra Trellix CoreLight LinkShadow Fidelis

  • Forescout Pulse Secure Fortinet

  • RSA Security

  • CyberARK MicroFocus Broadcom Arcon BeyondTrust

  • SailPoint Atos MicroFocus

  • RSA Security Entrust ESET

  • Certes

  • Broadcom ivanti

  • Broadcom splunk LogRhythm Fortinet MicroFocus IBM

  • splunk Paloalto Fortinet

  • imperva IBM

  • Anomali ThreatConnet Group-IB Mandiant

  • KnowBe4 Trend Micro

  • Tenable TripWire Rapid1

  • imperva Fortinet Barracuda

  • MicroFocus Synopsys

  • ivanti

  • SilverPeak

  • RSA Security

  • Mandiant Group-IB

  • Mandiant

  • Mandiant TripWire

  • Trend Micro

  • Forcepoint Fortinet Paloalto Barracuda Checkpoint

  • SkyBox AlgoSec

  • ARBOR imperva

  • SmokeScreen Attivo Fidelis

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Our Technology Partners

Our partnership network comprises the largest specialist technology firms and exciting new names delivering pioneering Cybersecurity solutions.

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Our Clients

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Contact Us


4965 King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd - As Sulimaniyah
Unit No 3, Riyadh 12243-7575
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia